Apple confirmed the color of bubble used by RCS messages

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Apple declared earlier today that the iPhone will support RCS by 2024. Ever since the story broke out this morning on the news, people have been trying to guess what the color of chat bubbles must be.

More about the RCS features on the iPhone

Text messages between Android and iPhone users will now include several iMessage-style capabilities, thanks to RCS (Rich Communication Services). Higher-quality photos and videos, typing hints, and reading receipts are a few examples of what this provides. The color of the message bubbles, however, is one item that won’t be altered.

I have confirmation from Apple that RCS messages will be represented by green bubbles, and iMessages will continue to be represented by blue bubbles. The corporation utilizes blue bubbles to represent iMessage, which it considers to be the safest and most effective method of communication for iPhone customers.

Over time, the argument between green and blue bubbles has been ingrained in culture. In their commercial campaigns, Google and Samsung have both utilized the color bubbles to criticize Apple for not adopting RCS.

It is not surprising to learn this information. iMessage is here to stay, as I said this morning. While iMessage will remain a distinct app, Apple is upgrading SMS and MMS with RCS. Once more, the news of today is not that Apple is allowing iMessage on other platforms.

On Android, RCS messages are shown in a dark blue color, whereas SMS texts are indicated by a light blue color. According to what we currently know, Apple will integrate RCS and SMS in green, and iMessage in blue.

See our comprehensive report from earlier today for additional information on Apple’s intentions to implement RCS on the iPhone in 2024. New information about Google’s reaction to today’s news is also available from our pals at 9to5Google.

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