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Apple Glasses Concept Design Is Here

Apple Glass

It has been rumored that Apple will develop a smart glasses product, and related news has been circulating on the internet. The focus of these smart glasses will be on augmented reality (AR), but until the real product comes out, it is difficult for us to see what actually the product is and its appearance.

Recently, designer Hasan Kaymak conducted a conceptual design for this purpose. His design tends to be more modern, thinner than expected glasses, and has a sporty color.

The concept product is called “Apple Glass” and looks a bit like a smaller snowboard. The designer equipped it with LiDAR Sensor 4.0, which is more advanced than iPad Pro 2020. This Apple Glass comes in 5 colors, including the rose gold in the picture. It has stainless steel frames and is as slim as ordinary glasses. There are sensors on the left and right sides, one of which may be a high-end camera, and the other is LiDAR. In addition to silver and rose gold, the device is also available in red, black, and blue colors.

In terms of functions, it supports eye tracking, 3D scanning, AR object visualization, night mode, and special iGlass OS. Frames are stronger than expected, but they accommodate most of the components. The product comes in 2 sizes, and the built-in operating system is very similar to watchOS, using a circular/floating application. As far as the design is concerned we can expect this concept design closer to actual product, but as soon as we got closer to the launch of the actual product we might come across other concepts and the final product can evolve out of those concepts. Until the final product is leaked by some most credible leakers we can only speculate.

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