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Apple Hardware Boss Replaced To Work On A Secret Project

Apple hardware boss

Apple is restructuring its management team and removing the previous hardware boss – only to have him work on a new, secret project in the future and report directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook. The successor to the post has already been arranged.

As Apple recently announced in a press release, the previous hardware boss Dan Riccio will take on new tasks. Riccio was most recently head of the hardware engineering team, mainly responsible for the Mac, iPhone, iPads and practically all of the group’s other hardware products.

After 23 years at Apple, Riccio becomes a man for special tasks

Riccio had already come to Apple in 1998 and initially worked in product design before becoming head of the hardware team for the iPad in 2010 and heading up all hardware development at Apple in 2021. With immediate effect, Riccio is working as Vice President of Engineering in a more general role, with Apple speaking of a new project that should arise under his leadership.

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The new position of the hardware boss and the secrecy about the nature of the “new project” is now leading to massive speculation. Among other things, it is speculated that Riccio could work on the company’s legendary electric car, for example. Riccio himself only spoke of the fact that he now wanted to concentrate on “creating something new and wonderful”.

Riccio’s successor as Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering will now be taken over by John Ternus, who previously reported directly to his predecessor and who also led Apple’s hardware development team with him. Most recently, he was responsible for the development of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro and one of the leaders behind the recently initiated conversion of Mac PCs to Apple’s own chips.

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The stock exchange has so far reacted positively to the changes in the leadership team at Apple and has already allowed the price of the US computer company’s stock to rise slightly in pre-market trading.