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Apple Hints at Plan for Building A Car

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Apple has recently hinted that it might soon start delivering its long-rumoured plan of building a car. This week the ex-VP of Mac hardware engineering—Doug Field has re-joined Apple back after spending some time with Tesla.

John Gruber at the Daring Fireball has broken the news of Doug Field coming back to Apple after serving his five years at Tesla where he supervised the production of the Model 3.

Apple in a statement confirmed that it has reappointed Field, however, it denied to provide any information regarding this role.

Gruber reported that Field would, however, be linking up with Bob Mansfield—the ex-colleague he worked with on the Mac hardware business. Mansfield is the man who is leading the “Project Titan” of Apple.

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Mansfield left Apple’s executive board in 2013, however, he stayed with the company for what Apple refers to them as special projects. In this role, he was directly reporting to the CEO of Apple. One major special project of Mansfield is the Apple Watch.

There are many speculations regarding the secretive Project Titan, most significantly it was reported in the year 2016 that Apple has left its plans of building a car. Instead, it was said that it was targeting at the autonomous driving technology. While the project is pretty unclear and difficult to judge, the appointment of the man who was managing the Tesla production, soon after Apple hired a Waymo self-driving engineer, is a pretty obvious and interesting hint that indicates that Apple might be reviving its plans of building a car once again.

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