Apple introduces the ad campaign for Pay the Apple Way


According to some recent pieces of information, the Cupertino-based tech company has introduced a new ad campaign. The ad campaign revolves around the newly introduced Apple Pay payment method. Reportedly, the company is using the “Pay the Apple Way” slogan across platforms like billboards, social networks, and others.

Basically, Pay the Apple Way depicts the convenience of paying through an iPhone or an Apple Watch. It eliminates the requirement of using a card for payments. The company signifies the speed and convenience of Apple Pay. Moreover, Apple Pay’s new payment method comes with built-in security.

The company has placed billboards in the US and the UK. For the new Apple Payment service, the company intends to use street billboards and mall placements in order to promote a dynamic and immersive experience. Consumers in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Dallas, and Atlanta will soon see the ads.

In order to comprehend the workings of the new payment service, the company has released four videos. These videos show how users can use Apple Pay. In addition to this, the company will feature the videos on various other platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. For the promotion of the new service on TikTok, the company has collaborated with TikTok creators.

The ad campaign is now live. Users can view the ads on social media networks. When it comes to contactless payment methods, Apple Pay is the most commonly adopted payment method. Furthermore, Apple claims that almost 85% of retailers have extended their services in the United States.

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