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Microsoft’s collaborative whiteboard app will now be available on Windows 10, iOS and Web

Microsoft has now launched its collaborative whiteboard app on Windows 10 yesterday, the company will soon add the collaborative whiteboard app to iOS and web as well.

The company has announced the collaborative whiteboard app to be the part of Windows 10 last year, in May; it took the company quite a while to actually launch the app on Windows 10.

The app previously had been added to the Windows 10 preview for the last 7 months, but now Microsoft is rolling it out to make widely available on PCs. Microsoft had been making major updates to Windows 10, this is one of the features the company added. Recently, the company has announced to update the Windows Notepad app after many years, the company has planned to release it with next Windows update.

The whiteboard app allows users to make notes, diagrams, graphs, and comments on a virtual whiteboard which can be shared, edited and collaborated with other across the devices in real-time. This is similar to having an actual whiteboard in front of a class.

The app is full of remarkable features, you may download the app and begin collaborating with others, Office 365 account users who sign up for the app can also share and collaborate it with people in the organization. The whiteboard supports inking on Windows 10 and styluses such as surface pen can be used for writing/inking, geometry recognition, table conversion, and shading.

Users can create real-time presentations, make flowcharts, workflows and much more, using this app, since Microsoft has launched the app for Windows 10 support yet, it will soon be available for iOS, the iOS app is in final stages of development, the team is also working on Android app for future. Alternatively, users can use the web version of the app on Android devices.

Microsoft has kept the app restrictions free, you can open and use the app on any browser, and neither the company has restricted the number of users in collaboration to use the whiteboard.

However, Microsoft has limited the web and iOS versions to an Office 365 commercial account currently.

The best part is; you do not need a stylus to draw on the whiteboard, rather the keys and touchscreen would do the job for you. The company is also planning to bring the app into its Microsoft Teams chat app and Surface Hub device.

Microsoft has acquired the software company who had this whiteboard last year, the company had been working since to integrate the software into Microsoft products and services. The software company was founded by former chief software architect at Microsoft; Charles Simyoni left Microsoft in 2002 after being in a team who created Office apps like Word and Excel.

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