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Apple iOS 10.2 brings a new emoji lineup

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Apple iOS 10.2 is rolling out today. It is the latest version of Apple iOSwhich showcases a line of new emojis for its users. In the new Apple iOS there are hundreds of emojis to choose from, along with a more diverse character line, emojis from different lines of professions, a lot of food, sports and animals. Among the anticipated emojis are the shrug, face palm, clown faces, selfie and many more.

Apple iOS emojis are approved by Unicode 9.0

The software update uses full Unicode 9.0 support. This means that these emojis are approved by the standard body that decides on or pictogram based communication. It also dictates how our communication through emojis or picto characters will evolve. In recent updates there have been made significant changes from improvement in changing characters skin color to hand gestures. The new update includes the previous but enhances more on professions as well so whether you’re a teacher, coder, farmer, chef, student or even an astronaut-there is an emoji for you. More animals and more food items are also a part of the new update along with a special of whiskey glasses! Previously, we only had beer jugs. There are also more sport related emojis as well so next time texting from the Olympics will be more easy.

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For people who used to type in the word “shrug” there is an emoticon available, now. Thanks to the new update we can now tell people how we face palm their stupid decisions. Hand gestures also include emojis for clicking a selfie, cross fingers, a call me gesture, fist bump and a raised back of hand. Pinocchio nosed liar, the sick guy and an odd weird guy are also included in the list of new emojis.

The update of Apple iOS has emojis that add more detail to the character. It is redesigned to all more texture, shadow and detail so they feel real. Apple’s new emojis line will be available on Apple devices including iPhone, Apple Watch (watchOS 3.11), and Mac (macOS Sierra 10.12.2).

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