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A quick glimpse of marketing on the internet


The web 2.0 is a wonderful place for self-expression and provides more than enough marketing opportunities for your brand. It literally takes nothing to start a blog or a social media account. This is why everyone on the internet is a broadcaster. The problem is that with so many identities on the internet there is a problem in standing out. It’s a mesh of information and in order to be prominent it is necessary to have a product that is different. Here are some tools that would make marketing on the internet easier for you:

Google Alerts is awesome at reviewing the mentions of your brand, keeping an eye on your competitors. It also helps in garnering information on keywords used by the business.

Feedly is an important app that would help you in keeping up to date with the recent developments in your business industry. Although our news consumption patterns have change but there having a stream of news where you can just scroll through the headlines is also very helpful.

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You can manage your social media with apps like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. These social media managing apps help in posting updates on social websites. They also offer a review of the progress of your brand. They also enable a quick post to all social networks with the same information. The need  integrated social media marketing should not be underestimated. You can monitor your ad campaigns and track data reports.

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Connecting with other influencers of the market is necessary. Klout, peerindex and Kred all free apps that let you find business influencers and connect with the. It will improve your placement in the world of business and does not cost a dime.

Benchmarking is also important in the world of marketing and Similar Web is a free tool that helps you do it. You can set benchmarks and use placement targeting for your business. It also offers a quick analysis of AdWords as well.

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