Apple iOS 11 Update Is Rolling Out Today On Your iPhones & iPads

Apple revealed its new version of OS, iOS 11 in June 2017 in the annual developer’s conference WWDC.  Now the new, latest Apple iOS 11 launches today with exciting and innovative new features.

Here are the few things you must look forward to in iOS 11

  • App drawer feature will be redesigned. This will make it simpler for users to share Apple songs or other content through the Messages App.
  • Messages will delete from all devices automatically if users delete it from one Apple device.
  • The camera will be updated in iOS 11. You can edit live photos and rotate your app to portrait or landscape while viewing a movie or photo and the Apple gadget would adjust the video automatically. Another feature added is High-Efficiency Image File Format (HEIF). You can reduce the size of pictures taken from iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus without compromising the quality.
  • Control center feature will support 3D touch in iOS 11 update.
  • Users can use Apple Pay to transfer money.
  • All notifications are placed in one place, you can bring down notification bar and all your notifications missed and new will be found together in lock screen
  • Drivers can automatically turn their phones to Do Not Disturb mode while driving.
  • Map App will support indoor mall and airport maps. Through this map, you can see which hotels are past airport security.
  • Options in volume and speaker can be controlled while you are in different place in your home, living room, kitchen etc.
  • Airplay is updated to Airplay 2 which has multi-room audio streaming.
  • New exciting and innovative features will be part of Siri Update.
  • Spotlight tab is added in Apple’s News app. Today’s view would display the best video of each day.
  • Users can now know what their colleagues are listening to as well get acquainted with their playlists and music.
  • Today, Games, Apps, Updates, and Search will be part of Apple App store. Today would mean most current content. Another feature added would be “The Daily List”. Themes selected by Apple workers would be a part of this list.
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So from today your iPhone and iPad will give you an option to update your software to iOS 11. Are you ready to explore the latest features offered by iPhone or you are comfortable with the previous software?

Darakhshan Anjum

Media coordinator and junior editor at Research Snipers RS-NEWS, I studied mass communication and interested technology business, I have 3 years experience in the media industry.

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