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Apple iOS 16 allows users to bypass CAPTCHAs

While CAPTCHAs are a scourge for all internet users, a new feature in iOS 16 allows iPhone users to bypass them to save a few seconds on compatible applications or websites.

Selecting images of crosswalks or deciphering text to prove you’re human may soon become increasingly rare for iPhone users as iOS 16 introduces a feature to bypass CAPTCHAs in supported apps and websites.

In addition to allowing users to uninstall 29 native applications or install security patches automatically, Apple has introduced a feature for its iPhones and Macs called Automatic Verification, which lets certain sites know that you are not a robot without having to do something. This new option, on which Apple has partnered with Fastly and Cloudflare, should soon save you precious time on iPhones running iOS 16, as well as on macOS Ventura.

Soon you won’t have to prove you’re human in iOS 16

According to information shared by Apple, the new automatic verification feature and support sites will use iCloud to authenticate both your Apple ID and your device, presenting a token proving you are trustworthy. No more entering garbled text or selecting images to show you’re human, Apple has indicated that devices do not share sensitive data related to your account (such as email address or phone number).

The company will also not know who is submitting the verification request, which will prevent them from linking those checks to specific suppliers. This token system is presented as: more respect for privacy because it does not track your IP address. The good news is that Google also contributed to the development of this feature, according to Fastly. So Android phones may get a similar feature in future OS updates. It will likely be a wait for Android 14 before the functionality arrives at Google, as the Android 13 betas contain no trace of this option.

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