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Apple iPad Air 4 Will Be Equipped With USB-C Type Port

Airpad 4

The upcoming fourth generation of the iPad Air could inherit an important feature from Apple’s Pro tablets – the USB-C port. According to current information, the manufacturer plans to equip further devices with the universal connection and to say goodbye to “Lightning”.

The Japanese blog Mac Otakara is said to have learned from circles of Chinese suppliers that Apple could extend the advantages of the iPad Pro series to its entire tablet portfolio. It is planned to give the previously unconfirmed iPad Air 4 a USB-C port. In addition, there is talk of the American manufacturer gradually moving away from the home button design of cheaper iPadOS models in order to sell tablets of the upper-middle class with selected functions and the look of the Pro series.

Competition Between Air And Pro?

It remains to be seen whether Apple is really considering this step. Technically, the gap between iPad Air 4 and iPad Pro 11 would be greatly narrowed, which could make it difficult to justify a high pro surcharge. After the release of the second generation of the iPhone SE, Apple users should also expect that the successors of comparatively inexpensive tablets of the iPad family could also boast a processor performance similar to that of their big flagship brothers. As usual, rumors of this kind from Apple remain uncommented. While a possible Apple iPad Air 4 with a 10.8-inch display and USB-C port is expected in the second half of this year, a 9-inch iPad Mini could appear next year. According to well-known analysts such as Ming-Chi Kuo, the latter should continue to rely on the classic Lightning connection. The next major keynote opportunity would be the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC 2020), which starts on June 22nd. However, it is also conceivable that the new tablets will soon appear in the Apple Store without any major announcement.