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Apple IPhone Sales Have Been Dropped Surprisingly

iPhone is the most powerful digital device developed by the Apple Company. The brand has earned a superior stature and has maintained a long standing position in between the war and conflicts of latest mobile companies.

Despite these overwhelming facts about iPhone, there has been a recent descent in the dealings and sales of iPhone in the second quarter of the year. Reason understood for this surprising decline is that the users are waiting for the inauguration of new product by the company. This new and essential product by Apple is expected to get available to the users later this year. The anticipation for this latest product is also due the fact, that the year 2017 marks the 10th anniversary of iPhone.

Statistics show that the sales of iPhone dropped to 50.8m in April from 51.2m in the second quarter of 2016. The sales of iPhone 7 only saw profit in the holiday months of 2016. After that customers have restrained themselves from buying iPhone 7 and are waiting for the new, hyped about product, yet to release.

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Whether the product that is not in market thus far, make up for the sales drop of the year or not, is a question for the future.

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