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Female Workers Allowed To Work From Home By MOIT

Ministry of Information Technology came with a pleasant surprise for its female employees. The ministry has initiated a strategy for its female staff. This strategy is called as “Work from Home Policy. In order to ease up the working environment for female officers, this policy is being put in to place. As per it, women workers of the ministry are allowed to choose a day in a week, in which they can perform their professional tasks from their homes. Mrs. Anusha Rehman who is currently Minister for IT & Telecom has acknowledged this new step taken for the women. She said that as they are providing facility to women, it is important that women take advantage of this policy keeping in mind their responsibilities. Working from home provides a comfortable environment but it does not change the basic duties they need to perform. Efficiency and performance of the staff should remain effective.

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A formal notification has been delivered by the Ministry of IT & Telecom and the female staff is cherished by this step. They have appreciated it by thanking the Minister at MOIT.

The step is a positive one for the female staff, but can they remain focused and work with the same dedication from home as they work from offices or their attention would get diverted by household chores, is yet to be seen.

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