Apple iPhone SE2 is coming in July—report claims

According to the report on China, Daily Apple is pondering to launch its newer model which is smaller and cheaper than the current iPhone SE by the middle of next year probably in July.

You might have forgotten Apple’s iPhone SE in the buzz about Apple’s flagship iPhone X, the iPhone SE is the smaller and yet powerful model of iPhone focusing on people who might like the smaller bodies with large storage and efficient performance.

Apple has last upgraded its iPhone SE in March, but now it will receive processor bump along with possible upgrades to a camera and obviously, the storage is out of the question.

According to China Economic Daily reports, a new iPhone SE2 will be coming with the same 4-inches screen by July 2018, the ballpark estimate of price is roughly $450. Initially, the iPhone SE cost the same $450 at the time of launch. Later iPhone reduced the prices of SE and the current price is $349.

The way Huawei and Sony cut prices on their popular handsets, Apple also sliced $100 down on the price of its iPhone SE. The rumors are floating and we should take it a grain of salt, Apple didn’t comment on the rumors either. But it would not be a surprise for most to see the newer model of iPhone SE as long as people still like the compact and smaller design with powerful specs inside and lower price which is quite handy for many consumers all over the globe. The iPhone SE2 could play well in the emerging markets where Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and some others are dominating.