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Apple iPhone SE2 Will Be Launched for $399 in 2020

iPhone Se2

An Analyst predicts that Apple will launch iPhone SE2 for $399 in 2020.

Apple has been quite expensive for the market which wishes to get the hands of new Apple iPhones but because of its price tags, many go for alternatives like Samsung and Huawei.

The recent iPhone including iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are no doubt spectacular phones in terms of design, quality and performance, however, they cost between $699 to $1,099 that is cheap for the working class all over the world.

Ming-Chi Kou from TF securities has been a notorious analyst for Apple devices and his predictions mostly come true, quite recently Kuo has hinted that Apple is going to release an affordable version of the iPhone soon which is scheduled to release in early 2020. Kuo also suggested earlier that iPhone SE 2 will be launched in early 2020, now he goes one step further with its price tag going to be $399.

A couple of years ago it was reported that the new iPhone SE2 will be launched on July 2018, later it was reported that it will come in spring 2020. According to the earlier leaks, the iPhone SE2 will drop the home button and headphone jack completely. Since the previous launch date reports didn’t come true we can take the design leaks as a grain of salt.

One thing that seems closer to reality is that Apple has to launch an affordable smartphone in 2020 which focuses on the midrange market. As the previous iPhone SE was essentially an iPhone 5S technically the new iPhone SE2 would be a cousin of iPhone 8. Apple also priced iPhone SE for $399 and Macworld also suggests the same price for the new model. MacWorld also suggest that iPhone SE2 will replace the iPhone 8 eventually, however, iPhone 8 currently sell as $499, if people can get the same phone for less than they will definitely buy it. Kuo also suggests that Apple will use the A13 processor in the new iPhone SE2 which is the same as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro Max with 3GB RAM and three colors red, silver and space gray.

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