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Apple iPhone X will be Discontinued in 2018

It has been stated by KGI Securities’ Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a report that Apple will discontinue iPhone X in 2018.

Kuo informed that the demand for iPhone X has decreased. Due to this, it is probable that iPhone X production will be ceased by summers 2018. It is the time when a replacement for iPhone X will be produced, to be released in fall.

KGI also anticipated that a trio of iPhone models will be released in fall 2018 and the prediction is that the life of iPhone X will end by summer 2018. It will not be kept as an option for iPhone users to avail at affordable cheap rates.

If the reports and news prove correct then it will be the first time that Apple would not have retained last year’s model. Before this Apple always keep its previous models in the market along with new releases so that people have the variety of options to chose from and they can buy iPhone smartphones as per their price range.

So the most controversial phone released by Apple, iPhone X will die in a year. Remember how the facial recognition feature of the phone failed at the launch event, then the US government then demanded Apple to clarify its position on face id mishap., then people said that the phone is too expensive with nothing new to offer, the quality Apple was boasting about that the phone has glass on the front and back, well people just made fun of that as well saying that their iPhone can break from both sides now, thus Apple’s iPhone X lost its worth in controversies, maybe that is why it is being discontinued.

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For those who wanted to buy the phone nevertheless well they might not be able to buy it if they are thinking to purchase it when the prices go down. So this is the right time to buy it before it gets too late.

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