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Apple is blamed for anti-competition in Europe by Spotify

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Music streaming service Spotify which is popular among millennials has registered an official complaint against Apple with European commission blaming Apple for unfairly treating competition in the market.

The complaint revolves around the few particular things including; taking more money than a fair price, not providing information on customers vendors as well as deliberately limiting third-party access to the technologies like Siri, Apple Watch and HomePod.

It is important to mention that Apple is a direct competitor of Spotify in music streaming services, Apple Music is the product which directly competes with Spotify, the company blams Apple for limiting innovation by restricting the access of Spotify and other companies to the technologies and information via App Store.

Spotify’s founder Daniel Ek, has announced the complaint on a blog post.

Daniel acknowledges the Apple’s ownership and control over App Store and infers that the Cupertino based company is still taking advantage which it shouldn’t. He says the company owns the iOS and App Store platforms and controlling it is fair, however, the company unfairly advantage themselves at many occasions which is utterly unfair.

He also said they have tried to resolve the issues with Apple directly but after failing in that now they are launching the complaint officially so that European Commission could resolve this unfair competition issue.

Apple doesn’t like fair competition at all the company had been probed last year for pressing game developer rivals in Japan.Daniel has pointed out some valid points which makes you think that Apple is seriously hurting other with its hegemony policies. Apple has not yet responded to the complaint publicly.