Google to Introduce Digital Skills Programme in Pakistan

digital skills programme

Google has taken the decision of introducing digital skills programme in Pakistan. Google is among the 4 biggest technology firms of the world. It has taken the decision of launching the programme for teaching digital skills to the citizens.

Google would be launching the Google Pay Launch Service soon in the country.

A team of Google called on the Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication—Dr Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui on Wednesday for a government press release.

Matters regarding social media, digital skills, e-commerce and digital payments were brought into discussion during the meeting.

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The Google team said that the tech firm wants to introduce the Google Pay Launch Service in the country. They also told that Google would start a basic digital skills training programme in Pakistan.

The Federal Minister appreciated Google and assured the support of his complete ministry to the global search engine giant for launching its services and digital skills training programme in the country.

Recently, in India some people are targeting the application of Microsoft Excel on Google Play Store considering it being linked to Surf Excel. The surf firm made a advertisement in which Hindu-Muslim friendship is shown. The Indian nationalists have called that ad as anti-Hindu.

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