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Microsoft Excel Becomes A Victim of Indian Nationalism

Microsoft Excel

An advertisement of Surf Excel that showed Hindu-Muslim unity is being met with great backlash in India and has awkwardly led to Microsoft Excel getting targeted.

 In the ad there is a girl who is giving her Muslim friend a ride on her bike to a mosque for praying on Holi. It is being called an anti-Hindu advertisement and the nationalists have been bashing it on social media—Facebook and Twitter. But the bashing did not stop here.

The nationalists took the decision to take on Surf Excel on the Play Store of Google as well, however, the problem is that there is no application of Surf Excel and instead the nationalists have been targeting Microsoft Excel.

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Indians are leaving bad and negative reviews on the app of Microsoft Excel and giving it one-star ratings.

Some reviews even include such statements like that they used to like the app previously, until it partnered with Surf and made such an anti-religious ad. The reviews added that now where ever the word Excel is seen one could only think of the anti-Hindu propaganda.

Many other people have also given reviews bashing Microsoft Excel for being anti-Hindu.

To be clear and accurate for the readers there exists no partnership or whatsoever between Microsoft Excel and Surf Excel and they are not related in any way.

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