Apple is Expected To Launch New Airpods Pro With USB-C Charging Case At The Event

Not only the iPhone 15 Pro but also the AirPods should benefit from Apple’s switch to USB-C in September. So far, the charging cases for the in-ear headphones have been delivered with a Lightning connector, which Apple is moving away from more and more after political pressure.

Lightning port on the siding

Apple expert and Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman is certain that not only will the new iPhones be equipped with USB-C on September 12, but Apple will also revise its AirPods accordingly. This would convert one of the last Lightning remnants in Apple’s portfolio to the contemporary and widely used USB standard.

Rumors and analyst forecasts about an AirPods (Pro) charging case with a USB-C connection have been circulating online for months. However, no concrete details have been provided so far. Gurman doesn’t go into detail either, which leaves open which AirPods will switch from Lightning to USB-C in September. Questions about the technology upgrade also remain unanswered.

Is a USB-C charging case only as an accessory?

Apple currently offers three variants of its AirPods. The second generation with long “stems” has been on sale since 2019. The third generation and the second generation of the AirPods Pro followed in autumn 2021 and 2022 respectively. The over-ear headphones AirPods Max have also been in the range since December 2020. So what upgrade can one expect?

Apple could adopt the technology of the current generations of its in-ear headphones and simply convert the charging case from Lightning to USB-C. The charging case could also be sold as an optional accessory. For the AirPods Max, on the other hand, a completely new model would have to be launched due to the Lightning port placed on the earphone – after almost three years, the time would be ideal.

However, the rumors should be viewed with skepticism until they are officially confirmed. On September 12, 2023, Apple should bring light into the darkness accordingly. As usual, you can follow the iPhone keynote under the motto “Wonderlust” live in our Apple special.

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