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Apple is going to extend its chip dominion in contrast to Samsung

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The SoC utilized in Apple’s A-series has performed quite well. In contrast, the Exynos chips by Samsung haven’t shown up much potential. The South Korean tech firm has lagged behind many companies in the SoC category. It now appears like Samsung is going to rely on Qualcomm chipsets for its future smartphones.

Some new reports suggest that Apple is likely working on a new cellular chip. These new chips will incorporate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips from Broadcom. Apparently, Samsung also utilizes Broadcom services for its products. A report from Bloomberg it is being declared that Apple is going to build an in-house chip. This chip will single-handedly cover both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth operations. Thus, substituting the chip that it is presently acquiring from Broadcom. Furthermore, the reports claim that this chip will be capable of powering cellular connectivity as well.

As of now, no such news or rumors are around that point out that Samsung is up to something similar. The recent flagship like the Galaxy S22 Ultra accompanies the BCM4389 Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 6E chip from Broadcom.

Presently, Apple has partnered with Qualcomm for acquiring cellular modems for its products. The report declares that by the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025, Apple will start utilizing its own cellular models. Followed by this, Apple might start the journey by just introducing the custom modem in one product before extending it to the complete lineup.

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo chip might be introduced in 2025. So, we can say that Apple will be in a position to bid farewell to its supplier Broadcom. Apart from the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips, Broadcom is also known to provide Apple with radio frequency chips as well as wireless charging components. But as per the reports, we can anticipate that the company is going to customize these components as well. The latest strategy by Apple will help it to rely less on external suppliers. Side by side the company will be able to expand profit margins on its products.