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Samsung will likely introduce EX1, a human assistant robot, in 2023

During CES 2023 event, Samsung comes up with various amazing products. It appeared like that the South Korean tech firm was all set to conquer every domain of the tech industry. during the event, the tech firm mentioned that they are visualizing the robotics space as a new growth engine. Although the company has introduced smart vacuum cleaners. But the Al-powered prototype robot has not emerged properly. The tech company Samsung is aimed at changing it by the end of the following year.

Han Jong-Hee, the CEO of Samsung Electronics mentioned at a press conference that the company is targeting to introduce a human assistant robot termed EX1 within the following year. Evidently, the company has another product under the similar term EX1. This product is a years-old digital camera. But from the above statement, we can decipher that the forthcoming product will be entirely different. Knowingly it will be a human assistant robot. However, no other details have been shared yet. But still, we can look up to the previous releases of the company in the same line during previous CES events.

At CES 2023, the company has not showcased any of the robotics concepts. But if we go two years back, we will remember that the company come up with the Bot Handy and the JetBot 90 AI+ during the CES event held in 2021. The JetBot 90 AI+ was introduced as an Ai-powered vacuum cleaner. Whereas the Bot Handy has not yet made it to an actual product that could be purchased by the community.

Bot Handy was introduced as a household robot. It was showcased to perform various household activities including laundry, washing dishes, and others. It has not been released yet. But we can expect the forthcoming EX1 to be somewhat similar. in addition to this, the original concept videos have been removed from YouTube. We are not sure whether the two robots will hold some similarities or not. Only time will tell the real difference.

Currently, Samsung Electronics seems to have changed its perspective on the robotics division. Since the company is viewing this stream as a new method for generating revenue. In 2021, the company has upscaled its robot business task force to the next level. Just a few days ago, the tech firm Samsung made an investment of 59 billion won (~$47 million) in Rainbow Robotics.

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