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Apple iPad 10 doesn’t support the Stage Manager feature owing to A14 Bionic chips

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Apple introduced a handy Stage manager Feature with iPadOS 16.

But what exactly is a Stage Manager feature?

A Stage Manager feature allows the users to manage multiple, resizable apps concurrently. Thus, bringing multitasking to the next degree. This feature is introduced in recent iPads.

What is amazing about this feature is its capability to replace laptops. Yes, the corresponding models can serve as replacements for laptops.

Currently, iPad 10 is the latest version of Apple’s iPad in the market. Keeping in view the above information you might be thinking that whether it supports the feature of Stage Manager or not.

Just don’t worry and keep reading this story. You will get to know more about this feature as well as its availability.

Sadly, the Stage Manager feature is only supported by iPad Air 5 and recent Pro models of iPad.

So, if you are considering using the Stage Manager feature then iPad 10 might not be your preferred choice. Though, iPad 10 supports the conventional iPadOS multitasking feature. This feature includes various functionalities like:

  • Slide over
  • Split view
  • Picture-in-picture video playback

For most users, the iPadOS multitasking feature fulfills their requirements. But it might be poignant for others that iPad 10 misses out on this feature.

Additionally, besides this very feature iPad 10 is equipped with several new updates. The most noteworthy among them is the elegant new design. This design is comparably different from other versions. The most interesting feature is the flat edges and rounded screen corners. But unfortunately, the flat edges of iPad 10 do not support the Apple Pencil 2. Instead, you have to use a dongle. It will serve to pair an Apple Pencil 1 with the rejuvenated USB-C port.

Talking about the performance of iPad 10 is based on the A14 Bionic chip. The A14 Bionic chip is a part of the iPhone 12 series setup. This is the reason why iPad 10 does not support the Stage Manager feature. Apple is restricting the utility of iPadOS to more powerful processors. Eventually, this model does not satisfy the power users. it is targeted at the users who hunt for a device for either a media streaming hub or note-taking.

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