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Apple Lists The Most Popular iPhone Apps 2020

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London, UK - July 19, 2018: The buttons of Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram, Pinterest Twitter, Facetime and other chat apps on the screen of an iPhone.

The iPhone manufacturer Apple has announced which iOS apps have been best received by users this year. In addition to many games, messenger apps and the Corona warning app are also represented in the leaderboard. The list is divided into several areas.

As Techcrunch writes, Apple has published leaderboards for free and paid iPhone apps, iPhone games, iPad apps, and iPad games, respectively. The most popular arcade titles were also named. The front runners are “Zoom”, “TouchRetouch”, “Among Us”, “Minecraft”, “Procreate” and “Sneaky Sasquatch”. Other apps on the lists with the most downloaded programs are “TikTok”, “Disney+”, “YouTube”, “Call of Duty: Mobile”, “Plague Inc.”, “Monopoly” and the Corona app.

In addition to the leaderboards, Apple has selected 15 different apps that the group has named the best applications of the year. The selection took into account the usefulness, cultural influence, design, and quality of an app. The best apps are “Wakeout!” Fitness program. The video conferencing software Zoom takes first place among the iPad apps. Other excellent applications are “Disney +”, “Endel”, “Genshin Impact”, “Legends of Runeterra”, “Disco Elysium”, “Dandara Trials of Fear”, “Sneaky Sasquatch”, “Shine”, “Explain Everything Whiteboard”, “Caribu”, “Pokémon Go”, “ShareTheMeal”.

Apple awards physical prizes

All developers of the named applications should also receive a physical price. This is the “App Store Best of 2020” award, which was made from recycled aluminum. The name of the respective developer studio or publisher was engraved on the back. The prices should be sent in the coming days.