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Apple Mac Sales Faces A Downturn

While the PC market has suffered severely from the consequences of the war in Ukraine in recent months, Apple’s Macs are still doing quite well, which has recently brought record sales to the US company. But now it’s getting tight for Apple too, so the prospects have become very gloomy.

According to analyzes by the Taiwanese industry service DigiTimes, even Apple can hardly absorb the fall in demand caused by inflation as a result of the war. The company itself had recently hinted that it expects a noticeable decline in Mac sales in the fourth quarter of 2022 compared to the same period last year.

Suppliers also confirmed

Confirmation of this trend is now coming from the supply chain. The suppliers assume that Apple will also have to live with a decline in its Mac sales in the coming months until at least mid-2023. It is currently still unclear whether Apple will then have to record the same sharply declining numbers in the double-digit percentage range as are expected for competing products with Windows.

However, according to the report, suppliers from Asia are definitely expecting such a development, although, in addition to the war in Ukraine and its consequences, the strong US dollar exchange rate is cited as one of the reasons for the drop in demand in the case of Apple. As far as the longer-term prospects are concerned, market observers are still positive about the future.

For the second half of 2023, they assume an increasing trend, because increasing demand for new devices is then expected due to the large market penetration of PCs and Macs. The background is that many business customers in particular will then probably tackle the next hardware upgrade cycle, i.e. exchange old systems for new products.

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