Apple might be working on a fitness ring but it is not about fitness


According to some fresh pieces of information, the Cupertino-based tech firm has acquired a new patent. According to the details, the company is supposedly working on a smart ring. However, the ring is not a fitness-focused gadget. In the market, Oura has introduced its smart rings that are integrated with fitness features. However, it could be the opposite of Apple’s ring.

Apple might be working on a smart ring

The recent information comes from AppleInsider. A patent for a “ring input device with pressure-sensitive input” was discovered by the source. According to the description, it might serve as a tool that notifies users as soon as they receive a notification on their smartphone. In accordance with the details, the ring includes a fixed center ring and an outer ring covering it that can be rotated. Once a notification is received, it vibrates. Additionally, it is intended to send inputs to auxiliary devices like earphones, smartwatches, fitness trackers, smartphones, and more.

The South Korean firm Samsung is also working on its own smart ring

Apple working on a smart ring is not surprising at all since many other companies, like Samsung, are currently working on it. However, the astonishing fact here is Apple’s focus on notifications. According to the available information, the South Korean firm is close to completing the work on its smart ring. On the other hand, no final product can be expected from Apple yet. However, these are all assumptions.

Although smart rings hold great potential, it is difficult to incorporate several features since it would make them huge. However, features like fitness, payment gadgets, and notification gadgets are possibly the best-suited functions of a smart ring. It is uncertain whether Apple will use this patent for anything. Of course, just because a corporation patents something doesn’t guarantee that it will result in a finished product.

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