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Apple: More Than Half Of The Apple Stores Have Been Re-opened Worldwide

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all but 52 Apple Stores in Greater China were temporarily shut down through most of March and April. Since January 2003, when the company opened its 52nd store in Pasadena , California, Apple had not run such a small retail fleet. More than half of all the Apple Stores around the world have reopened at some capacity as of today. 

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256 of 510 Apple Stores around the globe are now open, including three locations in North Carolina and two in Virginia reopening Thursday morning. Apple opened another 96 US stores between May 11-21, and 32 locations on May 27. On May 29, 7 more US stores opened. Thirteen other countries and regions outside the US also saw the majority of their Apple Stores reopened. In 9to5Mac’s interactive reopening tracker, they’ve recorded every location and Apple ‘s comprehensive new safety procedures.

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The 50 percent mark is a landmark in our fight against COVID-19 for both Apple and the globe. Apple has emphasized that it won’t reopen a store until it feels safe conditions and that it won’t hesitate to close reopened locations if local health data takes a turn for the worse.

Our global crisis is far from over, and health data have not yet changed. Most of the Apple Stores that remain closed outside the US are located in France, Spain, and the UK. Reopenings will continue well into June, and for months to come, curbside service, reduced occupancy, and face coverings will be observed for store experience.

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