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Apple Plans Folding Display iPads in 2024

Apple apparently does not want to introduce any new iPad models for the remainder of 2023. A well-known analyst claims that there will be a new iPad Mini from the beginning of 2024 before an iPad with a foldable display is planned for the first time just a little later.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a Taiwanese analyst known for his strong contacts in Apple’s supply chain in Southeast Asia, said in a series of tweets this morning that based on feedback from his sources he was “positive” about the launch of a foldable Apple iPad model in 2024.

Folding iPad material made of carbon

The new device will allow the number of units to increase again and ensure a more attractive product range at Apple, Kuo continued. The analyst did not initially give any details about the product but said that it would have a kind of fold-out stand made of carbon fibers, which is said to come from a Chinese supplier.

According to other market observers such as Ross Young from Display Supply Chain Consultants, the “Folding iPad”, which has been rumored for some time, could also be a kind of foldable hybrid device made up of a MacBook and iPad that has a display with a total diagonal of 20 inches should have. However, in this context, there was talk of an introduction from 2026 at the earliest.

The release actually expected much later

Bloomberg’s Apple specialist Mark Gurman later said that Apple had even experimented with dual-screen foldable, where the lower half of the display could be used for a virtual keyboard as soon as you want to use the device like a laptop. However, Gurman also said that such a product could be expected “later in the decade”.

In the meantime, before the foldable iPad, Kuo expects the introduction of a new iPad Mini, although there is actually talk of a launch in 2024 for this model as well. The background is that the mass production of this device is said to start in early 2024.

The year 2023 could be quite “boring” for Apple iPad fans if they were hoping for the introduction of new models. Most recently, Apple introduced a new iPad Pro and a new base model in October 2022.

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