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Apple Reportedly Developing AirPods Pro Lite Version

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According to a new report familiar with Apple’s supply chain operations has mentioned that Apple is working on a low-cost Apple AirPods Pro Lite.

Apple’s AirPods considered an upscale headphone which is not entirely in the range of mid-range buyers most of the times, the company is now mulling to introduce a next-generation Lite version of Apple AirPods focusing on budget market. The decision might have come after Apple realizes that the market is becoming more price-conscious rather than quality exclusive. There is a possibility that Apple must have also realized that some Chinese companies are replicating Apple AirPods while producing quality closer to Apple which sells like a hell on the market. But all these are just the speculations Apple could think of before making a decision.

Previously it was reported that Fake Apple AirPods Pro was selling on the market for $80 whereas the original Apple product costs $249. There is a huge difference in prices, while the quality of fake AirPods Pro was reviewed by EveryThingApplePro on YouTube classed it as not bad.

Earlier, RealMe also launched a set of headphones following the likes of Apple AirPods Pro, now in this situation Apple is trying to make a difference. According to reports by DigiTimes, Apple’s production would bring diversity along with next-generation versions of iPads, Apple Watch, and iMac.

According to MacRumors, the growing threat of Coronavirus and likely disruptions in the supply chain, raw materials and shipments could affect Apple’s production in China.

However, according to Apple Insider, the report by DigiTimes that Apple is working on AirPods Pro Lite is unlikely and classed it as a rumor.  Apple is not going to bring down its prices despite the disruptions in production and supply chain.

However, there is still a chance that Apple has prepared itself for a new version of AirPods that might not come with high-end features. Apple Insider also said that citing the two years old report that Apple was said to be working on high-end AirPods Pro features which could debut in 2020, there was more rumbling about the high-end product than this low-cost option.

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