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Apple retaliates over Bloomberg report on reduced Face ID accuracy

Bloomberg published a story about Apple’s iPhone X which implies that Apple has significantly reduced the accuracy of its new gimmick in iPhone X, the facial recognition system is under discussion here. The report claims that in order to achieve ease of production and improved performance Apple is undermining the Face ID accuracy.

But Apple’s outrightly rejects the story, in a statement to Reuters, Apple said, “Bloomberg’s claim is baseless Apple has not reduced the accuracy and specs of Face ID the news is completely false.”

Bloomberg’s report cited sources to the people who actually know the situation very closely, the report claims Apple has relaxed the technical specifications of sensors in Face ID in order to make it faster to test other parts.

However, Bloomberg’s spokesperson said the company is not giving up on any claims made in the report and the company stands behind the report it published.

After the news on Wednesday, Apple shares were also affected during the midday trading, the shares fall to 0.7 percent, priced at $155.99 per share in the middle of the day.

Apple does not want its innovative feature to be undermined by any third party commentator, Apple is now playing on its latest iPhone X model which is largely talked about its new feature Face ID. Apple is already facing problems with the sales of its iPhone 8, first, they had an issue with the earpiece which affected the sales, later, Apple reduced the price of iPhone 7 which outperformed the iPhone 8 sales. And two days earlier the company decided to cut down the production of iPhone 7 in order to boost iPhone 8 sales.

The $999 phone is expected to go on sale by November 3 this year. Apple said the quality and accuracy of its Face ID feature in iPhone X is not changed, it is still standing at 1 millionth probability of someone else unlocking your iPhone with Face ID.

However, Bloomberg’s story didn’t mention whether Apple reduced the accuracy of Face ID before or after the announcement of one millionth accuracy claim.