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Apple Says Webcam Covers Can Damage The Display


At Apple, complaints about defective displays on MacBook models of all kinds, which are caused by so-called camera covers, are piling up. As a result, Apple has now released a support document that warns of MacBooks and accessories closing.

“Closing your Mac notebook when a camera cover is attached can damage the display,” Apple now writes in the newly released support document. The company warns of impairments that can be caused by using the cap-like covers on the MacBook. It is specifically about small accessories such as those found on Amazon. You put it on the part where the camera is located and you can hide or release the lens by moving it.

The foreign body is damaged when it is closed

On the one hand, these covers can cause problems with the ambient light sensor, so that the display control for the brightness does not function properly. That is annoying, but not nearly as annoying as the second problem that Apple is seeing more and more frequently: The display gets cracked when you close it together with the “foreign body”. It is quickly broken – torn or squeezed so that you no longer have a proper picture.

Such display damage is of course not covered by the guarantee, since it is caused by Apple, Apple is now clearing up. In addition, the manufacturer says that the accessory is completely useless because Apple has installed a status indicator for the camera to protect privacy so that it is indicated by a green light when the camera is switched on. If it is absolutely necessary to cover the camera constantly due to work regulations, for example, there are some tips from Apple.

The camera cover should never be thicker than a sheet of printer paper (0.1 mm). Avoid camera covers that leave adhesive residue. If a thicker cover is attached, the MacBook should not be closed or the cover removed before closing.

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