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Apple: Schoolwork & Classroom Apps Get Updates For Distance-Learning & More

Apple is bringing significant updates to several of its apps for education, led by a new iPad and Mac Schoolwork 2.0, CNET reports.

Schoolwork is Apple’s app that allows teachers to distribute to students class materials known as Handouts, assign activities within compatible apps, collaborate with students, and view student progress. CNET says Schoolwork 2.0 brings new features, such as integration of files, speed improvements, and more.

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CNET reported:

Apple designed Schoolwork 2.0 to include features found in other ‌iPad‌ OS apps, like Files, and to speed up navigation around the software. There’s a new Handout library with a source list on the left side that makes it easier to navigate to different classes or the student’s library with drafts and favorites. On the right are cards with things like reminders for a field trip or a math assignment.

Other new features include a redesigned detail view of Handout and a new integration of communication to allow teachers and students to FaceTime without any hassle.

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Apple is also updating its Classroom app for iPad as well as Schoolwork, which works as a teaching assistant within a classroom to launch apps and websites across all devices in a classroom, share a student’s screen with the teacher’s iPad, or Apple TV classroom, share documents, and more.

The updated Classroom app includes pinch-to-zoom functionality, automatic synchronization of Apple School Manager classes to the teacher’s Apple ID, and new temporary shared iPad sessions. 

According to CNET, the updated versions of Schoolwork and Classroom are coming “soon” with no specific start dates given.

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