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Japan Develops A Virtual Reality Space Ride

Japan has developed a virtual reality space ride in which the people feel that they are in the air flying inside a huge glass ball.

This ride does not involve the participants to wear headgear; it is completely safe without it. As per an engineer working at Wonder Vision Techno Laboratory, Makoto Nakahira said that customers are set at two spinning, elevated chairs in front of a semi-spherical screen which completely immerse their field of vision. It is not like a traditional flat screen, users can actually feel images coming near to them. You experience visuals never heard or experienced before.

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This new technology was revealed to the media of Japan for the very first time on Tuesday. The name of the ride is after 8K technology, super high definition, 16 times finer than the one used in HD images.

The systems were developed in collaboration with Wonder Vision and Japan-based NHK Enterprises and NHK Media Technology. This new space ride was first displayed at  SXSW 2017.
The space ride is a hemispherical theater called Sphere 5.2 with a screen of 5.2 meters, length 3.4 meters and depth 2.6 meters.

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