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Apple Starts 2nd iOS 16.1 beta for developers

Apple just released the second beta version for iOS 16.1. The new version brings changes to the charge and battery percentage display. Initially, however, the update only starts for developers who are registered for the test program.

With the second beta round as part of the iOS 16.1 developer test, Apple has now also introduced some visible changes. After the release of the first beta, people were still wondering what would change. However, many details have not yet been leaked. The release notes are mainly about bug fixes. The update brings build 20B5050f.

battery indicator

That Online magazine MacRumors has already published a list of changes. These include a changed charge indicator for the lock screen, bug fixes when copying and pasting, and an update to the battery status in the top right corner of the display. Incidentally, the battery status is no longer only displayed as a percentage, but there is also a visual display in the form of a more or less “full” battery.

If there is more information about the content of this update in a timely manner, we will provide it later. The public beta is also expected shortly.

You can join the beta program

Participation in the beta program is free and requires a one-time registration beta.apple.com/sp/en/betaprogram from a supported device. Incidentally, this applies to all beta versions that Apple is testing, i.e. iPhone, iPad, Watch, Mac, and TV. Users must deposit their Apple ID for this and then receive the update via the update function.

New versions are then automatically downloaded to the device. The fourth beta version is now available for registered developers as an over-the-air update. Testing preliminary versions is always at your own risk and should not run on the production system.