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iPhone 14 Crash Detection Test With Real Car

Technology companies should keep what they promise, but users don’t always want to take these promises at face value. A user now wanted to know whether and how well the crash detection of the new iPhone works, under “real” conditions. In itself, one could or should believe that a company actually keeps what it promises – especially when it comes to such a critical function as accident detection.

Nevertheless, some users want to know exactly and want to put a certain function to the test themselves. In the case of the accident detection that Apple has integrated into the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro (as well as the Apple Watch), YouTuber TechRax wanted to try out how this starts under the most realistic conditions possible. It wasn’t that easy, of course, because it would be too dangerous to drive against such an obstacle yourself.

TechRax and his helpers installed a relatively simple remote control in a naturally older vehicle and let the car drive into the wreck of another. In this way, the aim was to simulate an accident in real traffic and not just let the unmanned vehicle drive into a wall or a tree. The whole thing was recorded by a GoPro camera.

Crash detection really works

The crash detection didn’t kick in on the first attempt, where the vehicle just brushed into another car, but it did in a crash where the car drove straight into the side of another. The iPhone 14 Pro also reacted as it should and reported accordingly in the third simulated accident.

When accidents are detected, the emergency call centers are not contacted immediately, there is an overlay with a warning tone that prompts the user to turn off the feature if nothing bad happens – TechRax and his helpers did that too.

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