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Apple Starts Reopening Apple Stores Outside China

Apple is ready to reopen the first out-of-china retail store to resume operations since the coronavirus pandemic started. 

The details available on Apple’s Korean website says the store, located in South Korea’s capital Seoul, will open on April 18 but will operate with altered working hours The tech giant shut down its stores across the world nearly two months ago, asking some of its retail workers to work remotely, offering customers tech support and sales assistance.

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Apple clarified the focus of the store would also move from sales to after-sales service for products such as MacBooks, iPhones and iPads for current customers. 

Apple is advising consumers to shop online for delivery or pick up from the store to ensure customer and employee health.

“To start, we’ll have an adjusted schedule and guidelines to ensure customers and employees continue to stay healthy. A focus for the store will be service and support at the Genius Bar. For customers who want to make a purchase, we have several options including ordering online for delivery or pick up in-store,” the company said in a statement.

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Initially, US physical stores were scheduled to resume operations from March 27, but the growing severity of the coronavirus outbreak resulted in a further extension of the deadline

While all of its 42 stores have been operating in China since mid-March, Apple has not yet released any details on reopening its stores in other parts of the world. 

Unlike several other major tech firms, owing to the pandemic and the subsequent decline in demand for electronics, Apple plans to take a big hit on sales.

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