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Apple Still Working On AirPower Multi-Charger

Apple Wireless Charger

A comeback of the Apple AirPower charger has often been read. So far, however, it has only been rumors, at least Apple has not commented on it itself since it announced that it would not build the device after all.

According to Mark Gurman’s current “Power On” newsletter, Apple is still working on the idea of ​​a charger that can charge multiple devices at the same time AppleInsider reported. Apple’s AirPower should do just that – wirelessly charge multiple devices such as iPhones or AirPods. Nothing came of this, as Apple did not consider the device to be ready for the market after the official announcement, but it is being developed further.

Gurman now has some new information ready. He writes that Apple’s new system could enable reverse wireless charging, in which “all-important Apple devices can charge each other”. This idea is not new and is already being offered by some manufacturers. There was also a leaked patent years ago that showed how a MacBook charges an iPhone by hanging it up.

Charging From Long Range

According to the new report, Apple should go a lot further. Instead of Qi or MagSafe charging, Apple should work on delivering power without the hardware even having to be in the direct vicinity of the charger. Apple also owns a patent for a “wireless power system with device movement detection”.

For example, an iPad could charge an iPhone, an AirPods case or an Apple Watch nearby so that the devices can be powered together in one pocket. That sounds very much like a dream of the future, but it is an important area in battery research in general. However, it is not clear where Gurman gets his information from. His newsletter is often peppered with insider knowledge, which then turns out to be true. However, he has often written about the AirPower comeback, which has not happened so far.