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Apple’s standard AirPods Return on Amazon at $129

Apple’s standard AirPods have made their return on one of the most famous e-commerce stores, Amazon at a record low price.

Now people can easily avail the discount offer and book the wireless earbuds for $129, which is $30 off their normal price. Last time the company started selling out these earbuds at this much-discounted prices during the month of July.

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The sales of the Apple’s AirPods with the wired case at the discounted price come and go every couple of months on the e-commerce store, but when the sale is on, they tend to last only a few days either due to the low price of the stock selling out.

You can buy them from Amazon.

These AirPods are the newest versions of the wireless earbuds offered by Apple. While sharing details about the product, Research Snipers can assure you that the new H1 chipset inside these earbuds make them faster to pair with iOS devices, and makes switching between the multi iOS devices more smoothly.

To make it more convenient, the new chipset also enables the hands-free Siri, which means the users do not have to touch the mobile device or do anything with the AirPods themselves before asking the iPhone’s Siri a question.