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Apple To Launch New M1X for 2021 Leak Suggests

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The first tests of Apple’s M1 processor are still very fresh, there are already reports about a successor. According to the leak, the company is currently testing the M1X chip, which will power the latest MacBook Pro 16 (2021). He should bring significant increases in performance.

Apple has received great praise for the performance of the M1 chip; many attribute a great future to Apple Silicon – among other things as a motivator for other processor manufacturers. Now there are reports from the rumor mill that we can expect a lot in terms of further development in the next year. Accordingly, Apple is currently testing the successor chip M1X and wants to use it to drive the upcoming MacBook Pro 16 to new heights.

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The first unofficial appearance of the M1X is thanks to a leak from LeaksApplePro on Twitter. So far, the account has proven to be quite accurate, but as always: All rumors should be enjoyed with a good deal of caution. The current round of information is based on an insider who claims to have been involved in a test of the M1X prototype.

New configuration for more performance

Accordingly, Apple will rely on a 12-core structure for the M1X, which is made up of eight cores with high performance and four cores for light tasks. The information that the chip will make its debut in the next 16-inch MacBook Pro fits very well: Apple had already indicated that the current top notebook with an Apple silicon drive will also be available next year.

In addition to the basic structure, which promises significantly more multi-core performance, the leak does not provide any precise information on the performance of the M1X. “If you think M1 is fast, you haven’t seen M1X yet,” LeaksApplePro quotes its insider. Apple is said to have not yet made a final decision on the name M1X.