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Apple To Bring iPad With OLED, New MacBooks And Apple Watch 2021


Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the best-known and most accurate Apple analysts, claims that the Californians are planning to release a new Apple Watch and new MacBooks with a fresh design for 2021. The iPad Pro will also receive new screen technology.

In the course of a report on Apple sales in the fourth quarter of this year, which should be at a high-level thanks to stronger than expected demand for the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo gives an outlook what the future plans of the US company look like. In the community, Kuo is an extremely reliable source of information on all questions about upcoming Apple innovations.

Although the Apple Watch SE and Series 6 are very successful in addition to the new iPad Air, it is assumed that Apple will release a new Apple Watch in 2021 with “innovative health management functions” and a new design. There is also similar news with regard to a new MacBook: After the M1 MacBook series also performed better than expected, new models equipped with Apple Silicon and a revised design are planned for the second half of next year. Kuo mentioned in an earlier report that Apple could release a new mini-LED and Apple Silicon-based MacBook lineup in 2021.

New mini LED hardware expected

Regarding the iPad numbers, it can be stated that the demand for the new iPad Air is also high. A look into the future suggests that this will not change in the new year either: In addition to Ming-Chi Kuo, “The Elec” also reports on energy-saving and bright mini-LED hardware that is to be installed in the screens of Apple products.

The South Korean journal even only speaks of a “temporary solution“. Allegedly, from the end of 2021, the group is aiming for the use of large OLED screens for its tablets for the first time. So far, this technology has only been used in iPhones. According to “The Elec“, Apple has already reached an agreement with its screen manufacturers Samsung and LG on the supply of OLEDs for the iPad. After iPads with mini LED backlights are planned for the first half of the year, the iPad Pro will be equipped with OLED screens from the end of the year.

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