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Apple TV 4K New Model With HDMI 2.1 And 120Hz

Apple TV 4K

Peeking into the code of the tvOS 14.5 beta, a 120Hz support emerges, which suggests a new Apple TV 4K model with HDMI 2.1 connection. As of the upcoming software update, Apple could possibly reissue its set-top box in April 2021.

For more than a year, the rumour mill has been talking about a new edition of the Apple TV 4K. So far, however, there have been few signs that the planned 2021 model will be presented soon. Only last week were the leaks of a supposedly new remote control invalidated, which was an already available Siri remote alternative from the US manufacturer Universal Electronics. Now the colleagues from 9to5Mac have come across more tangible information about a new set-top box from Cupertino.

Apple Arcade Would Be Benefitted With 120Hz

In the code of the so-called PineBoard of the current tvOS 14.5 Beta, which is responsible for controlling the Apple TV interface, the support of high frame rates of up to 120Hz is indicated. Since the fifth generation of the Apple TV (4K) only offers up to 60 Hz and an HDMI 2.0 connection, a hardware upgrade must be carried out for 120 Hz support. The new model is thus brought in connection with a contemporary HDMI 2.1 interface. At the same time, Apple could update the set-top box’s processor.

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The high frame rate and a possible Apple A14X chip should primarily improve the speed of the interface, but only have a minor effect on the display of films and series. However, in the Apple TV segment, the company could also concentrate more on the Apple Arcade gaming service in the future, which benefits from higher performance and 120 Hz operation. Since the software update to tvOS 14.5 is to take place in April, the presentation of a new Apple TV 4K this month would also be conceivable. These forecasts have not yet been confirmed.

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