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Apple Watch Designer Reveals History Of Faces & Features On Fifth Anniversary

Imran Chaudhri spent more than 20 years at Apple, helping to build the company’s iconic products such as iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Now on Apple’s highly popular wearable’s fifth anniversary, Chaudhri has shared some interesting info about the past of what went into making the faces and features of the Apple Watch.

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Chaudri left Apple back in 2017 and is now working on a business mostly still in stealth mode called Humane which has just picked up another Apple veteran, this time its software development vice-president. 

A look back today, Chaudhri shared on Twitter today the fascinating information about Apple Watch including the initial UI design, the first prototype unit, and more (via TechCrunch). 

Here’s a shot of the Apple Watch team on the launch day five years ago, and a replication of Chaudhri’s original home screen design for the watchOS.

Another interesting tidbit, the Electronic Touch feature that allows users to send their pulse, and more for electronic touch at first was called “E.T.”

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The loop bands arriving for Apple Watch were influenced by the velcro speedmaster used by Apollo astronauts, and it was Andrew Zuckerman who captured the watch face of Motion’s butterfly.

Another neat reality, Chaudhri built the Solar Watch Face to be helpful to Muslims as they observed Ramadan and to show everyone how the sun and time are linked. Recently, Hodinkee just posted a cool post on Apple Watch and twilight.

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