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Apple Watch Ultra Preorders Start September 23 for $799

Bigger, more resilient, longer battery life, and new types of sports: With the new Apple Watch Ultra, Apple managed a little surprise today. There were a few leaks in advance, but the overall package still contained a lot of unexpected things.

Not just for athletes

First of all, the name: The new sports watch is called Apple Watch Ultra and not Apple Watch Pro as previously assumed. The “Ultra” is geared towards extreme athletes, but should also be very popular with many recreational athletes.

Apple has “hardened” and enlarged the display for the new watch. The design may take a little getting used to because Apple has particularly emphasized the button and the rotary wheel on the right side.

Sapphire crystal screen protector

The display is the largest and brightest Apple Watch display: the Ultra series has a 49 mm titanium case and a flatter sapphire crystal display. Apple specifies the possible brightness as 2,000 nits. That’s twice as bright as any previous Apple Watch model. This brightness is also necessary because Apple lets you dive deep sea, among other things – you need a good view of the display.

The Apple Watch Ultra has just been optimized for extreme sports and water sports. For diving up to 40 meters, there is the new Oceanic+ app and certification according to WR100 and EN 13319, which is important for diving accessories and depth gauges for scuba diving, among other things.

Apple Watch Ultra – the action button

One of the best ideas for the new Apple Watch Ultra is the action button. It enables training to be started and stopped with just one click – the button is also particularly easy to use due to its size alone. It can be customized to perform different actions and get to special apps.

Apple has also further developed the temperature range in which the Ultra works. “Temperatures in the most extreme and remote places, from -20°C on freezing mountain peaks to 55°C in scorching deserts,” are possible, according to Apple.

The Apple Watch Ultra is only available in one version, it can be adjusted with three new bands, which have also been developed for extra durability. It offers L1 and L5 GPS, up to 60 hours of battery life, and many new extras such as a search alert. A small 86 dB siren can sound the alarm and thus help with a rescue operation, for example.

According to Apple, the sound can be heard up to a radius of 180 meters. More features are expected to be added later this year. Like the other watches, the Apple Watch Ultra can be ordered today as soon as the store is back online. Deliveries will begin on September 23. The price is $799, three months of Apple Fitness+ are included with the purchase of an Apple Watch Ultra, regardless of whether you have already subscribed.

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