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Apple working on a foldable 20-inch iPad

Tablets have long ceased to be a class of devices that cause a lot of controversies. Apple still sells solid figures, but the devices are no longer really popular. But that could change because apparently, Apple has plans for a foldable iPad. Foldable displays are no longer a curiosity, but the accompanying smartphones have not really caught on either.

Apple does not yet have such a device in its range, but that is not surprising either. Because the California group is known for not releasing products until they are fully mature. Therefore, the following information should be treated with some caution, even if it comes from Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman. The well-informed Apple expert writes in his newsletter Power On (via 9to5Mac) that Apple is considering a foldable iPad with an unfolded 20-inch display.

2025 at the earliest

Gurman confirms a report by analyst Ross Young. He says he found out that Apple is currently in talks with its suppliers about the feasibility of such a device. However, Young also explicitly states that such a hybrid device, which combines the functions of a MacBook and an iPad, could only come in a few years, so not before 2025, more likely even in 2026 or 2027.

Gurman now writes that this is actually yes: “The company could opt for a 20-inch folding screen connected to a physical keyboard, or use only one side of the screen as a virtual keyboard. Apparently, Apple has indeed considered a folding MacBook with two screens.” Apple has certainly also looked at Lenovo here because the Chinese manufacturer already showed such a notebook with a foldable display in 2019, and Asus also unveiled such a device at the beginning of this year.