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Apple iPhone SE should be significantly cheaper again

In a week, the computer company Apple wants to present its next product innovations and the rumor mill is spinning accordingly. Especially with the iPhone, Apple seems to want to tighten the price again. Expecting a new iPhone SE is completely justified. This entry-level series always comes on the market separately from the regular generation sequence and is primarily aimed at users with a lower purchasing power.

The latest model in this series is offered for $399. In the meantime, however, they are increasing Tips: about Apple going down 25 percent again with a new model – $299 would be in the room here. With this system, despite the lower price, there would be a lot going on in terms of equipment: a mobile modem with 5G functionality, a processor upgrade to the A15, and a better camera. In this combination, Apple could certainly open up a fairly large new group of buyers.

But that is not everything. In principle, the previous iPhone SE is no longer a really good offer – certainly not in this country, where the device costs from 479 euros. Considering that you don’t even get 5G mobile communication for it, the price is no longer justifiable.

According to the rumors, Apple could still keep the device in its range and offer it in the US for only 199 dollars – which would mean a price in this country that would be well below 300 euros. With such an offer, the iOS platform would also be made accessible to users who previously could only keep up financially in the lower Android middle class. Such an iPhone would also be a very interesting offer without 5G – because the LTE standard, which is now available almost everywhere, offers hardly any longer waiting times when visiting websites or streaming videos.

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