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Apple’s $29 iPhone Battery Substitution is Available

Previously this week, Apple released a letter to its customers apologizing for the matter of the older iPhones getting slower as their batteries age. Apple said that it would be reducing the price of batteries for the affected phones from $79 to $29.
Apple said that the customers could now get their batteries replaced at a much-lowered price.

In its letter, Apple mentioned that batteries are “consumable components” and that the company is offering anyone with an iPhone 6 or later a battery replacement for $29 from the end of January till the December 2018—offering a discount of $50 from the original replacement cost.

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Earlier Apple mentioned that the batteries would be available in late January, but later updated the apology post and wrote that the batteries are available presently. In a statement to The Verge, the company told that we thought that we would be needing more time to be ready but it’s a pleasure to reveal that we are ready to offer the lower pricing right away to our customers.

As per the previous announcement, Apple was to make its batteries available at a reduced price from the end of January. The company further mentioned that initially there might be an issue of limited supplies for the replacement batteries and the details would soon be uploaded on Apple.com.

The company agreed that indeed older versions of iPhone were slowing down but only to compensate for the ageing batteries after a developer identified that the operating systems were controlling their performance after testing several models’ performance. Many iPhone users have filed lawsuits against Apple.

iPhone is itself costly, average people think twice before the purchase and even if they do purchase they go on tight budgets—keeping this in mind the dilemma of slowing iPhones, is indeed panicking. Apple has done the right thing to offer compensation on battery prices to ease the problems of the suffering iPhone users.

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