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Chrome OS to make running Android apps smoother with new update

Chrome OS

Chrome OS has been working for a long time to support Android applications for a smoother execution inside the stage. The tech giant, Google has been striving to enhance the experience of mobile applications running on its Chrome OS. Starting at now, it shows up as a software update which may settle one of the remaining issues, the organization is facing with its browser.

As of late, Google brought Chrome 63 for Android with a bundle of new features and now everyone’s eyes are staying on what the tech giant will offer in Chrome 64 assemble.

A report by Chrome Unboxed has been put forward which uncovers another element in Chrome 64 beta and is called Android Parallel Tasks. The new updates let Android applications run persistently out of sight notwithstanding when you’re active on another program.

Chrome OS is not available in the mainstream market

Prior, Android applications in Chrome OS confront issues like hanging and pausing when you click or tap out of their windows. In some cases the application even quits working until the point when you tap again into it, to keep utilizing the program. In any case, a few exemptions were there, as Spotify, which will keep on playing music notwithstanding when you’re not currently utilizing the application. While different projects stop all action until the point when you continue, utilizing the application once more.

The new update of Chrome 64 will be an incredible help for multitasking, particularly for those individuals who work exorbitantly with eight applications and 37 Chrome tabs open in the meantime. The application that you have opened will keep on running unless you physically stop it or close it.

Chrome OS 64 is right now accessible in the beta frame just and you can give it a shot at this point. Be that as it may, a steady form of the operating framework is relied upon to be launched soon.

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