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Apple’s AirPods 2 are not working with Pixel phones

Recently Apple introduced the AirPods 2. The newly introduced Airpods 2 could be used with iPhone, Mac, and iPad. Similarly, Google also holds the idea of the Pixel buds lineup and the Pixel phones. But, the customers get no warning or stop symbol on pairing their AirPods with other devices like Pixel phones.

Generally, the reason behind pairing the two distinct devices lies in the fact that AirPods 2 are Bluetooth headphones. Owing to this feature they are believed to be cross-compatible. However, this is not the case when it comes to pairing Google Pixel and AirPods. Among the Pixel series Pixel 6a, Pixel 6, Pixel 7, and some other Pixel phones don’t work out well with Apple’s AirPods 2.

As per reports on Reddit that various customers face disconnection issues when they try to pair AirPods 2 with Pixel phones. Firstly, the earphone doesn’t play music for around two minutes. Afterward, they show the connection to the device but still don’t play the audio until or unless they are disconnected and then connected again. Furthermore, people using the AirPods 2 with Apple devices like iPhones and iPad reported the same issue. This situation is quite bad, as it will just render it impossible to attend to the phone calls.

Well not sure about the particular reason behind this issue but we have one solution that might help you. Though, this is just a temporary fix. Go to the Settings of your Pixel phone and disable Bluetooth A2DP hardware offloading. Still, some users reported that doing so resulted in low-quality audio. This is because your Pixel phone takes over the processing for audio instead of dropping it to the Pro H2 chip of AirPods 2.

In conclusion, this issue is widespread. We are hoping that Apple might be working out a solution for this problem. But yet there is no official news about this fix. It seems like it’s not an issue on Pixel’s end as the users of Apple’s devices have also reported the same issue.

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