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Apple’s iPhone sales were not banned in China at all

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It seems like we were distracted by a fake piece of information. According to CNN reports, China has not banned iPhone sales in the region in any capacity. Previously, a report claimed that China had banned the use of iPhones by government officials. This news impacted the price of Apple shares, but this is not true.

According to the statement shared by Mao Ning, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China, Mao Ning said, “We have always welcomed foreign businesses, and we encourage them to take advantage of the opportunities and take part in the benefits of China’s economic growth.”

She continued by saying that China has taken note of “many media reports” about the security flaws with Apple’s iPhone and places “great emphasis on data and cyber security.” No further details were shared by the spokesperson. However, she requested that foreign companies follow China’s privacy laws in order to make sure that customer data is not prone to getting hacked.

The US was concerned over the situation

The initial report shared by The Wall Street Journal raised concerns and doubts in the US community. The news of the iPhone sales ban was regarded as an aggressive approach against US companies. John Kirby, a National Security Council spokesman, said that the PRC has done similar things in the past, and it looks like it is doing something similar now.

Well, the report from the WSJ emerged before Mao Ning’s press conference. After her press conference, it became clear that iPhone sales are not banned in China. Given the technology sector, the ties between the US and China are not good. Huawei has already suffered a lot due to bans and restrictions. But now the compnay is all set to make things better at its end.

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