Amazingly Tiny iPhone Details

tiny iPhone details

Apple’s iPhone which has not just become the status symbol in many countries but is also a source of providing a competitive edge to its rivals. It has got an amazing set of features.

Apple has so far introduced many versions of iPhones, which are not just mesmerizing in their unique styles and features but also in the context of the prices.

The drive of Apple to have something different in its products has led to a number of features that the company provides which are generally missed and if noticed are incredibly amazing.

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Here are some of those amazingly tiny details:

The clock in the Apple’s iPhone is constantly ticking. No matter you open the clock or not. On the home screen page, you could see the clock hands moving constantly displaying the time.

Besides that, the flashlight feature provided in the iPhone actually turns on and off like a switch. When one presses the flashlight button to turn it on it lights up indicating that it is now on and when it is pressed again to turn the flashlight off the light goes out, thus showing that the flashlight is now off.

The shift key when pressed capitalizes all the letters on the keyboard.

One other amazing feature of the iPhone is that it highlights which fingerprints have already been stored. When you press to record a fingerprint scan it indicates among the already recorded options if your fingerprint is already on the device.

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